YouTube Music (MOD, Premium/Background Play) is an impressive music listening platform with practical support functions and tailored to user preferences.
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We live in the age of technology. At this point, the person wants to accomplish several tasks simultaneously. In other words, multitasking. When we eat food, we want to listen to music. Today, everyone wants to watch videos while they talk and do anything else they wish. So brace yourself, I have a piece of exciting news for you music freaks. Now with the YouTube Music Premium Apk, you can enjoy the music in the background while accomplishing any task you may want. 

It is no longer necessary to watch YouTube Music videos without ads in YouTube’s free version with YouTube Music Premium. So you will always be able to hear high-quality performances whenever you like. There is a vast range of music genres that you can discover. Daily, you may discover new artists, so there is always brand new music to discover.


The application is developed for YouTube Music Premium users who are looking to download music videos. With more than 50 million users worldwide, it is among the best music sites available. With this application, you will always be able to access a wide variety of features in one easy-to-use location.

What is YouTube music premium apk?

It was before these streaming music apps that we listened to music on YouTube, on the radio, on CDs, or by downloading files to our phones. All of these have limitations and people aren’t interested in downloading music anymore.

Now we can stream music thanks to the improvements the internet has brought. We can listen to our favorite music anywhere, no matter what the time or place. Think of these apps like the Netflix of music. In addition to the others, Google has released its free music service – YouTube Music.


There’s no limit to what you can listen to in this streaming app since there are hundreds of thousands of tracks you can choose from. Since the app doesn’t require downloading, you can theoretically use it anywhere you have access to data/internet – as long as you have access to the app. In addition to discovering music by your particular tastes, the app has a lot of other features.

YouTube Music lets you listen to music without any limits and interruptions. It’s also pretty cool that you can enter the lyrics of your music in the app to find your music. However, the best feature that it offers is its ability to help you discover new music that fits your taste. Music streaming services provide one feature that other music listening methods can’t. Read on if you’re curious!

Some astounding features of YouTube Music Premium Apk:

There aren’t any kinds of music streaming apps like YouTube Music. Despite being compared to Spotify, it still has some features that are worth mentioning. Having said that, the following features are available:

Background Music:

People who use the internet regularly, especially YouTube, know how annoying it is when videos aren’t playing in the background. Those who want to multitask on their phones while listening to music will find this useful. Although you can play downloaded music on your phone while doing other things, you won’t be able to use YouTube Music with that, right?

No distraction through ads:

 Bad music isn’t the only thing most people hate. The annoying ads are another one. It is problematic to listen to music videos on YouTube due to the number of advertisements, especially in the longer videos. YouTube Music Premium, on the other hand, does not contain any advertisements. As a result, you’ll have a long-lasting ad-free music listening experience. Since you don’t have to download the music, there are no advertisements to ruin the vibe.

High-quality music:

Yes, you can just download music from YouTube and be done with it. However, this method does not always guarantee optimal sound quality. The music experience will be less enjoyable since this will limit the content. Because YouTube bought the license for the music to be on YouTube Music, the music is of the highest possible quality. There’s nothing to interrupt your love for music, so you aren’t worried about it.

Download available:

In the past, people used to download songs from third-party apps because streaming platforms weren’t so popular. However, now you can download the music directly from YouTube Music! So it allows you to listen to your favorite tracks even without the internet connection and also allowing you to save data usage as well. 

The plethora of music choices:

There are millions of songs in YouTube Music’s database, which rivals Spotify. In addition, it’s updated every day so you don’t have to wait long for new music. There is probably more music on YouTube than you will be able to listen to in your lifetime since YouTube is such a large search engine. Search according to categories and your preferences, without having to go anywhere else. 

Find music through lyrics:

We hear catchy songs out of nowhere sometimes, such as on the radio or in the mall. But when we try to find the song, we don’t know its title. It is so annoying that this is such a major problem. But with YouTube music premium you can search for music just by typing the lyrics. 

Grab your smartphones and download the YouTube music premium apk ASAP, because what more do you require from a music app?? 

How to install YouTube music Mod apk:

  • Firstly Download Vanced Manager from the internet.
  • Install YouTube Music (the latest version) using Vanced Manager.
  • Go to YouTube Music and select install.
  • The type of installation (Root / Non-Root) should be selected.
  • You can install YouTube Music. You need to install MicroG first on phones without Root.

FAQS about Youtube Music Premium Apk:

Is this safe to use?
Is it safe to use the YouTube Premium Music Mod APK or not? This is the most frequently asked question about it. You will also be thinking about this question somewhere. Please let me say that this application can be installed and used without any harm. This application is used by millions of people without any issues. You can fully trust the YouTube Premium Music MOD app, so you can use it without any fear.
Can I listen to music offline?
Offline Music can be listened to from YouTube Premium in two ways. Play music offline by downloading it or enabling Offline Mixtape. Every time your device is connected to Wi-Fi and offline Mixtape is enabled, 100 songs will be downloaded for you automatically. If you require fewer than 100 songs, you can do so.
Will it play the music in the background if I will close the music app?
You can listen to background music while using another app if you own a YouTube Premium Membership or use the YouTube Premium MOD APK.
Can I access this app on my Apple TV?
You will need to Airplay YouTube Music from your iPhone or Mac computer to access YouTube Music on your Apple TV.

How does YouTube Music Premium APK can be compared to Spotify?

There are both free, ad-supported versions of YouTube Music and Spotify, but Spotify free offers less control over how music is played. 

In comparison to Spotify, YouTube Music primarily offers videos such as live performances, covers, and original music recorded by local bands. Due to Spotify’s acceptance of submissions from pretty much everyone, there is plenty of underground music to be found on the service, but in general, more people upload music to YouTube than to Spotify. 

Can I make my library on YouTube Music Premium APK ?

You can, but it’s a bit cumbersome to enable. Select “library & downloads” in settings, then “show device files.” You can then access your library, select “songs,” and then go to “device files.” Adding local songs to playlists or queues is not possible.

In the meantime, you can cast YouTube Music’s library to smart speakers and displays, and, from March 31, 2021, the company added a new feature through which you can shuffle the music while casting with smart speakers.


YouTube Music Premium APK makes it easy to listen to songs. Its users have a great experience compared to other music streaming services. You will feel the same after you have downloaded this application. We hope you enjoy it or if you don’t you can also discover songs from Spotify Premium.




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