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A new casual arcade with elements of a city-planning simulator, farm, and puzzles from a series of three in a row. And so, you have to build from scratch an amusement park in a complex with a zoo.
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v2.2.3 / v2.2.8
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WILDSCAPES MOD APK is made for you if you enjoy playing animal-related games on your Android mobile phone. It’s also a great game if you are an animal lover.

Alternatively, you can build your dream zoo in which adorable animals such as cats, puppies, and many others reside. You can perform many other activities in the game besides building a zoo, such as setting up a food stall and fun spots, and this is essential to attract more visitors.

In 2019, Playrix, the publisher, and developer of the game released the game, which falls under the casual game category. Only from the Play Store, over 10 million downloads have been made and the game is gaining popularity fast.


Aside from winning the match and collecting rewards at each level, you also need to unlock the animals by winning the match. It may also be necessary for you to look after sick animals at the zoo otherwise their mother would have to take care of them. You should also feed the animals very well.


Alternatively, three different colors of fruit can also earn you coins and rewards, though you don’t have to work so hard at it. You can get unlimited money and coins by using the Wildscapes hack APK, which is available in this modified game.

In addition to this, you can utilize the Wildscapes hack to unlock all levels in the game without paying and play the game ad-free. Moreover, to make the game more interesting, you can gain access to new lands for animals and fill your store with new fruits to earn more profit through updates.

Other players can be invited to the game and the agricultural products and processed foods can be traded for stars.

About Wildscapes Mod Apk:

There are more features added to the Wildscapes mod apk to make it more suitable for players than the original game. By providing enough leverage, the game will enable players to advance quickly and without too much difficulty. The key thing to remember is that this game is an unlicensed version.

Downloaders of this game should exercise caution. Since all holes and cracks have been filled, there is no trace of your identity. How about you? Do you want to know what this game has to offer? Let us list them for your convenience. Below is everything you need to know.

Gameplay of Wildscapes Apk:

Make a zoo and welcome many animals from different habitats. A variety of different animals such as tigers, lions, peacocks, rhinos, zebras, tamarins, elephants can be added to your zoo. Your zoo will grow if you earn money and coins, and this will allow you to welcome even more animals and habitats into the zoo.

Consider building a lot of cafes, shops, and amusement parks for children to make your zoo more unique and visitor-friendly. Other small objectives can be accomplished as well by fixing the problems of your zoo visitors. Your zoo will be rewarded the better it is. Also, You can play mini-games, which can be very entertaining.

Connecting the same fruits and jellies is the objective of the mini-game. It’s a puzzle game and a casual game at the same time when you play Wildscapes apk. This makes it a fun game to play. I enjoy taking care of animals, sheltering them, and feeding them. There is nobody to look after them.

Easy controls and a simple main menu make the game very easy to use. This game also has fantastic graphics. There is a good level of 3D to this game. This game’s music enhances the gameplay experience twice as much. In addition, the characters in this game are simply outstanding.

This game has adorable animals that make it hard not to fall in love. If you love animals, you will enjoy this game. It has the cutest animals among all other games.


  • Unlimited money in Wildscapes mod apk.
  • In a video game, what do you wish was unlimited? To acquire all of the updates in a match most of us desire unlimited cash access. We are glad to let you know that your wish has been granted.
  • You can purchase as many things as you wish with the Wildscapes mod apk since it gives you unlimited money. To improve the tourist appeal of your zoo, add decorative items. You will have to pay for these decorative items.
  • You can decorate your home with anything you want now that you have unlimited funds. Get the reward faster by speeding through all tasks.
  • This game’s unique animals boost your speed as you progress to the next level. Using the unlimited features in this game, you can improve your speed naturally. The more animals you collect, the more rewards you will receive and the more money you will earn.

Wildscapes Mod Apk Unlimited Object Access:

It has opened up various items that could help you achieve success in the Wildscapes mod apk. However, that means displaying your creative side as well. The ultimate hero has to overcome multiple challenges.

The best way to prove yourself is to choose an item that adds beauty to your zoo as a valuable item. The tourists must be satisfied and happy so that they will return. You don’t have to work too hard with this modified version to sort out all your worries.

Decor items are unlimited, allowing you to implement your strategies. As many things as you like can be collected, and you can control the incoming animals within the zoo. You can use this in number of ways.

Create a zoo aesthetically by making use of your ultimate aesthetic sense. In Addition, it is just a matter of choosing valuable items and placing them in the zoo where they will be used most. To progress at a good pace, you have to pair animals together and make efforts.

A Mod APK With Anti-Ban Technology For Wildscapes

Individuals who download the modified version are most concerned with the possibility of being banned. As far as we are concerned, showing respect is not a problem since no one wants their efforts wasted. When you are traced, there can be serious consequences.

This game is safe, so you have nothing to worry about. There is no loophole in wild escape mod apk download due to its patched technical expertise. Assuring no player will be subjected to a ban is excellent validation for the anti-ban technology.

Mods for Wildscapes are available for Android

Most players do not have the most recent versions of Android, which means they are limited in the number of games they can download. Because everyone wants easy access to a game, the restrictions can be the biggest turn-off.

It is an excellent version of Wildscapes apk that is geared toward maximizing Android’s capabilities. In Addition, the game is still easily downloadable on all Android versions; it does not matter what version you have. Now you can play Wildscapes mod apk and enjoy it.


  • You can now download the file by clicking on the link above.
  • Install the latest version of the game on your phone.
  • Activate the Unknown Sources setting in the phone’s Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources. Play Protect can also be turn off from the play store app settings.
  • If your phone doesn’t have enough space, make sure you set it up.
  • · Locate the location where you downloaded the file.
  • Wait for it to finish installing before clicking on it.
  • After successfully installing your Wildscapes hack APK for android, you can play the game.
  • Start the game by opening it.

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What is the number of animals in wildscapes?
The game includes different animals, including pandas, elephants, tigers, peacocks, Lion, Zebra, Rhino, Giraffe.
The wildscapes hack - how to get it?
You need to download and install the modified version of wildscapes before you can access its cheats and hacks.
Wildscapes is scheduled for release on what date?
The release date for the game is August 13th, 2019.
The number of levels in Wildscapes is how many?
I have not been able to find an exact number based on my research. A number was not made available by Wildscapes. Some people, however, claim that they have passed 100 levels, but they can still play further.

Final Verdict

Wildscapes MOD APK will surprise you with unlimited coins, gems, and money, which makes it an excellent experience. I highly recommend this game. Seeing the adorable animals makes you want to stare at them nonstop.

If you could give them food and care for them, you would love it. In Addition, the mini-game is quite entertaining as well. It looks so stunning and is so refreshing to play.



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