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Tivimate Premium APK IPTV is a free app that lets you watch IPTV channels and other movies on any Smartphone.
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The internet offers a wide variety of movie streaming platforms, but not everyone can subscribe to them all. It is natural to feel bored when watching movies or TV shows online, but not everyone can afford to pay for all of them. Despite this, IPTV is becoming a commonplace service nowadays. Tivimate Premium Apk IPTV Player, developed by TiviMate, is equipped with the functionality to emulate IPTV.

IPTV providers offer services through mobile applications, so users don’t have to use LCD televisions to access IPTV services. The app has some limitations, but it can provide streaming of international channels, even if it doesn’t match the features associated with the IPTV service. The TV Mate service has a broad selection of entertainment programs, drama series, and funny YouTube videos.

Tivimate IPTV mod APK is a free app that lets you watch IPTV channels and other movies on any Smartphone. IPTV has recently gained significant popularity since it uses internet protocol to access media channels and films.

Moreover, it’s relatively quicker than the current cabling system.

Additional info about TiviMate Premium APK

It requires an LCD TV to view IPTV channels, but it acts as an emulator and works quite well on smartphones. All content is accessible with a single click. Viewers can access a wide range of international channels on the channel streaming service.

Streaming services usually do not offer TV shows, dramas, and other foreign language series. You can watch all of these things on the Tivimate mod apk for free. After considering and optimizing the unique requests of users, the developers create the mod version.

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About IPTV Protocol:

IPTV refers to Internet Protocol, which may not be familiar to you. In essence, users have the option of watching TV programs more easily through these services. A transceiver is usually needed for IPTV, which can be used as a remote control for interacting with the TV. Many people are unable to afford to own high-quality receivers of signals due to their needs and conditions.

How to Download and Install Tivimate Premium Apk?

We have made this Android app available to anyone with a basic understanding of how Android applications work.

You can download and install the premium version of TiviMate easily.

If you are not familiar with our website or if you have never used our website before.

  • Install the Tivimate premium apk after uninstalling any previous versions of TiviMate.
  • Once you have uninstalled the previous version, click on the above download link and wait for a few seconds.
  • When the download is complete, open the mod file from the download location using the file manager and click on it to proceed.
  • You will be redirected to the installation page, where you must double-click on the install option.
  • You can begin watching TV channels for free in this app once you have installed it.

TiviMate Premium Apk Fascinating Features

There are endless features in this application. The features of this application will amaze you. Listed below are the several benefits of Tivimate Pro will benefit you. You should read the specifications first before downloading the app.

Stream endless entertainment content

People have always found watching television to be the most popular and best form of entertainment. Thus, watching free content from Tivimate premium apk IPTV Player will elevate your mood from the moment you launch the application. Besides linear TV series, popular TV channels will also broadcast long-running series.

Friendly- user interface

It is convenient to stream movies and TV shows over the network, specifically if you use IPTV on your LCD TV. In this application, the developers also manage the same type of user interface. Through the same UI, you can stream, stop, or resume any TV channel and movie. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a choice of television shows, movies, or anything else – you will get the option of streaming them quickly. Due to its user-friendly interface, Tivimate Premium mod apk makes managing shows and movies relatively easy.

Android Phones Sync IPV

The more experience you have with IPTV services on LCD TVs, the more you will know how to use these applications. Syncing your settings is always possible from this application while installing. The app has a synchronization feature that can sync anything, including movies, TV shows, and music. You can view your viewing history through your account when you log in. This feature is free; you don’t need to pay extra for a subscription to use it.

The Tivi Mate IPTV Player appears to be one of the purposes for emulating IPTV for a consumer. The software aims to help clients; Get information from IPTV suppliers directly on their mobile phones without using an LCD TV. However, it has some drawbacks and can’t compete with a high-quality IPTV service. However, it will connect customers to internationally broadcast channels. TV Mate can help you find entertainment packages, drama series, and humorous movies on YouTube.

Optimal Control Panel

You can instantly turn your device into a mini-TV screen filled with essential features by connecting to IPTV with the Tivi Mate player. In addition to being more straightforward to operate, its control panel has been enhanced.

It’s easy to watch your favorite shows or channels from there. Through this application, you can access everything for TV devices from your mobile device for the best experience.

The app offers customers the option; to schedule showtimes, work with playlists, and carry out many other features directly from their Android devices. As a result of the application’s interoperability, everything [that a user] can do on TV becomes more straightforward and convenient.  

A Customized User Interface

The application can be customized according to your liking, whether you agree with it or not. The Tivimate premium Apk can be used on both mobile devices and LED TVs to watch IPTV. Those who developed the application gave users the ability to take complete control over everything happening within it. Several options are available for customizing television channels and movies, including text size, color, and font. Additionally, you can add specific motions, such as pinching and sliding, to enhance your movie experience.

FAQs about Tivimate Premium APK:

Is TiviMate premium worth using?
It is possible to become a Premium user for many different reasons. There is no other reason to upgrade to the Premium level as the Customisation options alone justify it. Additionally, users can change the size of text and logos and make the menus transparent in premium accounts. TiviMate’s use of this feature is fantastic.
Is it safe to download and install Tivimate Premium APK?
This application is safe to use on a lot of devices since it has been tested and certified. There’s no harm in using it.
What are the Premium features of Tivimate Premium APK?
The benefit of using the Tivimate Premium application is that you’ll use the premium features to your advantage. As a result, users have to deal with limitations in the standard version, which is why it’s better to opt for a modded version. To prevent bugs from affecting your experience, developers release frequent updates. You do not have any restrictions on watching movies, television shows, or anything else, and access to these features is simple.


Since you have all the relevant information about tivimate premium apk; You can choose to download it on your Android device. Instead of sitting in one place watching TV, users can take their TV with them on the go. Additionally, users can move around and watch TV from their mobile device screen while they are elsewhere.

I encourage you to share the information with your friends and family if you find it helpful. Moreover, do remember to visit our website periodically.

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