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Taken 5 fighting game is the ultimate action package. Train with different fighters and choose your favorite fighting hero. Use punches and kicks wisely and timely. Don't drain your stamina very soon. Apply combos with different combinations of keys.
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The arcade game Tekken 5 was developed under Namco’s supervision in 2004. Namco Gaming Studio is the owner of all the rights for this game. Sony Interactive Entertainment distributes the Tekken 5 game, while AK Tronic Software and Services GmbH distributes it to three other computer game companies, for example. This link will let you download the Tekken 5 APK for free.

Android fighting game Tekken 5 is extremely addictive and is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. In the past few years, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. has released a variety of Tekken games. Tekken’s official game delivery is handled by this group. Tekken 5 2018 is the sixth primary entry in the Tekken franchise, following its predecessor Tekken 4. All of the Tekken games become extremely popular soon after their release. It is for this reason that every two to three years the organization develops new forms

There is a high rating for this game, which indicates how good it is for a retro computer game. Compared to all other Tekken games, Tekken 5 is an outstanding computer game. In addition to including characters from Tekken 3, Tekken 4, and some new characters, Tekken 5 APK Download is one of the only computer games. Players each have unique skill sets/combinations of fighting styles/unique assaults in the game. Tekken 5 comes with several new features that you should be aware of before purchasing it.


New features in Tekken 5 APK allow this fighting game to be flattened. Many characters from previous Tekken games have appeared in the game, including Tekken 3 apk and Tekken Tag apk, and more have appeared that make up the biggest line to battle against. The fighting techniques, qualities, powers, moves, and tricks that each character has are what distinguishes them. A variant of the Tekken Force found in Tekken 3 is interpreted within the house as the Devil mode. Update Dark resurrection adds new content for a wide range of games.


As the story continued in King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Tekken 5 continued part of the story from Tekken 4. Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama fight at the start of the story. This means that until Heihachi returns to the battleground, Jin wins this battle.

Devil Jin emerges from the battle after getting activated during their battle. Following Heihachi’s participation in the King of Iron Fist 5 Finals, the story continues!

Tekken’s series returns to a new beginning with the help of the part. A variety of aspects were added to Tekken 5 Apk, including the fighting system, graphics, new characters, and additional modes.


Tekken 5 is a mobile version of the PC version, and the game contains all those features that you can find in the PC version.

Astonishing moves

The characters in the movie all use different fighting moves when they face their opponents. Apply strategy and tactics to their fighting moves. Nonetheless, fight moves have a direct impact on the advancement and health status of your opponent. In this game, you should be cautious while choosing your fight move against your opponent.

Typical characters

The game will feature a variety of characters. Choose one of your own. As well as powers and moves, every character will also have different abilities. Additionally, you can choose between different characters depending on the scene in the game at hand. You will immediately have control over the character after selecting it from the store or library.

Progression bar

You will be able to see the progress of your character’s health through the progress bar. The system allows you to fight more carefully. Thus, while being attacked by an opponent, you should be careful to maintain your health.


This game is made more enjoyable by its intense graphics. You can see everything about the game in a detailed view.

The gestures

New players will have no problem using the controls for this game as well. On the screen is a list of every gesture you can use, including the ones you can use to charge at your opponent.

Rewards Points

Additionally, your opponent will receive bonus points if they continue to hit you without getting hurt. Additionally, bonus points can be used to purchase health and lifelines. You can increase your chances of winning the game by earning bonus points.

The training mode

You should take the training modes first if you are having difficulty learning the game and playing it correctly.

Training sessions will teach you all you need about the game, and you will be able to win more easily at the end.

Tekken Combos

Additionally, you can use combos in the game. To defeat the combo of your opponent goes for the comb option to have another character as a partner.

You can play combo mode quickly and play with your teammate to make the game more interesting.

Maintain control

Ensure that you have complete control over your character, as well as the movements of your character. You will lose your stamina if you start fighting too early. You should not rely on your kick and punch moves too much in the game.

Improved features:

  • Return of several main characters from previous games
  • The number of battle stages is unlimited
  • Tekken 5 has a defeat system that increases a character’s weaknesses while attacking.
  • It is easier for elements to defend themselves against enemies.
  • During the story tilt mode, players cannot switch players with their selected characters.
  • There was a restriction on the use of the buttons, including the block and jump buttons, and the attack button was also reduced.
  • Before the start of the battle, players can move freely.
  • Approximately a few seconds will pass before the game starts.
  • The surrounding area is beautifully designed.
  • There is a story component in the game that players can enjoy.
  • You can also participate in Live Events in Tekken 5 APK.
  • Additionally, new Halloween characters and events are included in this update.
  • Music and sound effects in this game are among the best created. The track is composed of pianos, guitars, drums, and horns. In order not to irritate gamers, the developers only added those sounds that are suitable for them. The soundtrack does not interfere with gameplay. It does not appear until two minutes after the fight ends.


  • You must first click on the link below to download the file.
  • In the file manager of your phone, you will have to locate the downloaded file after it has been downloaded.
  • Be sure that your Android device has been configured to allow unknown sources before you proceed.
  • Step 3 of the installation process requires you to start the downloaded file, to start the installation process.
  • Install the Tekken 5 APK and enjoy unlimited access to everything after the installation is complete. 

Various alternatives of Tekken Game:

As an alternative to Tekken 5 Apk, there are other games available on the internet.

Tekken 6 APK

Tekken 5 Apk Free Download continues to improve the gameplay and take the gaming experience to the next level. The new version released in November 2007 improved the graphics quality and added features. Due to the nature of the video game, mobile gamers were not able to play it.

Tekken 7 APK

The latest Tekken series installment came out in 2015 as Tekken 7. Its graphics quality and gameplay are the best due to its newness. Gamer ratings show that this game was liked and played well 93% of the time.

Multiplayer and single-player modes are available! 

FAQs about TEKKEN 5 APK:

How safe is Tekken 5's hacked version?
Definitely! There have been no prior incidents of users reporting any security risks as a result of installing this modded version on their Android devices.
What is the cost of playing this game?
Not. It is free to download Tekken apk for Android.
Is it possible to install it on an iOs device?
Your iOs devices are not compatible with the mod version. There is also an original version of this game, but you won’t be able to access the unlimited funds included with Tekken 5 mod apk.


I hope that you now fully understand the game and have all the information you need. Please comment if you encounter any difficulties during the download and setup process. When we have a solution, we will let you know as soon as possible.



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