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Octopus Pro Apk (MOD, Full Unlocked) is an application that supports playing games with different gamepads and is compatible with many games on the market.
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Are you a person who owns a special passion for games on mobile phones? Do you also search for ways to play games through your phone now and look for Octopus PRO APK? The visual and acoustic quality of mobile games has now reached the level of PC games. The experience of playing simple games on the touch screen with swipes and touches is also pleasant when you play them on the smartphone.

On the other hand, mobile gaming experiences like shooting and action games, which tend to be more complex, are often unsatisfactory for players. So, how can mobile devices enhance your gaming experience? Consider using third-party-enabled devices like a gamepad, mouse, or keyboard. You can manipulate the screen with physical keys instead of using finger gestures. Thus, you will have a better gaming experience if you use a gamepad or keyboard.

What is Octopus PRO APK?

The number of PC game developers publishing their products on mobile devices is growing daily. Mobile versions of games, which are not usually exclusive to PCs, are sometimes also released simultaneously on smartphone app stores like the Play Store and App Store. This enables you to play your favorite games at any time and anywhere on your mobile device.

Octopus Gamepad is the most comprehensive tool for connecting your phone to peripherals like keyboards, mice, and gamepads. This app works in a simple and efficient way to simplify the process of connecting to perfect your gameplay experience. In addition to its unique technology, Octopus provides a variety of ways to fine-tune device performance to make your games run smoothly.

Additional info about Octopus PRO APK:

Octopus APK PRO does not require root access to be used. That is a great development. Android 6.0 or higher is required, and the device only needs 10M of free memory. The application runs on most Android devices without consuming much battery power and runs smoothly. Octopus PRO APK has surpassed more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store and received many positive reviews from users.

How to install Octopus Pro APK:

  • Click on the download button and wait or the downloading process to complete.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Now click the install button
  • finally, you have access over Octopus MOD APK 

Features of Octopus Pro APK:

Octopus APK makes it easy to connect your Android phone to the gamepad and keyboard for an incredible gaming experience. Aside from that, there are a number of unique features to allow you to optimize and enhance your performance. 

Peripheral compatibility:

Octopus PRO APK supports gamepads, keyboards, mice, PS  sticks, Xbox, Logitech, razer, and others.

Gamepad Calibration:

Octopus PRO APK supports calibrating unstandardized gamepads and controllers through its Gamepad Calibration feature.

Octopus key mapper currently shows you the Key Mapping settings for 30 of the most popular games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Asphalt, Free Fire, etc. No manual adjustments are needed as this all happens automatically when you play these games with a gamepad. No customization is required. The Key Mapping feature in Octopus premium APK enables you to manually configure it for a specific game. Basically, you simply have to connect your Android device to the gamepad via the app, and then configure all the keys on the screen so they are compatible with the buttons on the gamepad.

Different modes of varied games:  

As games have a wide variety of genres, their control settings are also different. There are certain characteristics associated with each game genre in terms of its control system. Gamepad and keyboard modes are the main modes, as well as specific modes for certain video games, like Advanced Shooting mode for FPS games and Smart Casting mode for MOBA games.

High compatibility:

The Octopus system has been designed to work with a variety of peripherals, from keyboards to gamepads. Comparatively to other applications in the same category, Octopus APK is appreciated for its low configuration requirements and ability to be compatible with most devices. Regardless of the type of gamepad you are using, Octopus PRO APK will help you connect it to your device to maximize your gaming experience. The program lets you outline your own keymap in addition to preset keymaps. Octopus APK PRO provides 20+ different management features to enhance your gaming experience.

Clean RAM:

RAM is an important component of your gaming experience, along with your CPU. The more RAM the game has, the smoother it will run. There are multiple ways for you to clean up your device’s RAM before playing a game. Rather than shutting down all apps, Octopus PRO cleans your device’s memory instantly. The games will run smoother after the RAM is optimized.

Bogus GPS:

In many cases, you’ll need to have GPS enabled on the device before you can stay connected to their servers. As a result, it can intrude on your privacy. App developers may collect your location and personal information for promotional purposes. It is possible to disable GPS access; however, sometimes that stops the game from functioning. There’s no need to be worried, Octopus PRO APK can assist. As a result, you will not have to worry about privacy issues while playing the game. As your GPS information is bogus it will no longer pose a threat to security.

Gaming recorder:

Octopus PRO APK features a Screen Recorder, allowing you to record every move you make in battle.

PRO APK of Octopus Gamepad:

We are offering the latest version of Octopus for download on Evergreen Apk.com. This Octopus mod APK is freely available for download and installation.

Octopus Pro APK downloads latest version 2022:

Octopus APK has an easy-to-use interface. To get started, you simply need to launch the Android and tap the “start” button. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you have to sign in. The next step is to choose the payment option you prefer. If you are using an Android device, check the payment option as it may differ from one device to another.

The Octopus latest version of the mobile application allows the user to connect multiple Pay accounts at once. Account management allows you to create, edit, and cancel your account. Your transaction history is displayed on the list. The number of your credit card can be entered for online payments. If you have signed up for a Pay account, then you will receive a bill on your phone/smartphone automatically.


  • Is my data stored securely?

Definitely, security is a top concern when building secure web applications using Octopus Pro. The latest technology and hardware are used to ensure the security of your data.

  • Can I log in to Octopus PRO APK using mobile deice?

Octopus Pro APK is available to field workers, administrators, and office staff via a mobile app for mobile devices. If you log in as a fieldworker or admin user, you will see an entirely different app interface.

  • Can I edit my Octopus PRO account information?

Yes, you can easily modify your account information by the following steps:

  • Select your username in the side menu
  • Go to my account
  • Select edit (must be logged in as admin)

Moreover, you can edit your customer information as well.

  • Is it easy to set up?

The setup of Octopus Pro APK is incredibly simple. The process of adding your basic information only takes a couple of minutes and has little technical complexity. In the Established and Corporate plans, customer service is available 24/7 hours a day.

  • Does Octopus Pro APK provide support?

For sure their support team will provide you with full support services and help you to solve your problem.


As an application that connects gamepads and keyboards to Android devices, Octopus has proven to be the best. Millions of users have given it good ratings due to its high compatibility, low hardware requirements, easy-to-use interface, and very easy installation. You will have a wonderful gaming experience by using this app. The Octopus app can be installed and used on most Android devices as quickly and easily as possible, with the exception of a few limitations. Additionally, you’ll find it relatively easy to use because of the intuitive interfaces.

Octopus gamepads are the ultimate part of gaming fun for gamers who want to get as much enjoyment as possible from their games. This app is equipped with amazing features, allowing you to fully experience consoles or PCs on a mobile device. The mobile games can be played with a gamepad, keyboard, and mouse, or any other controller of your choice.



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