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My Boy! is a super fast and full-featured emulator to run GameBoy Advance games on the broadest range of Android devices, from very low-end phones to modern tablets. It emulates nearly all aspects of the real hardware correctly.
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An original portable gaming console, the Game Boy first hit the market decades ago. Today, it is regarded as a legacy. The old days of playing Mario cart and Pokémon are still popular, even with gaming tools like PS4 and Xbox. Nintendo is a thing of the past and most people do not carry around the device as much as they used to. My Boy Pro GBA Emulator is the easiest way to do this. With My Boy Full APK, Android users can play any GBA (Gameboy Advance) game, including all GBA titles created under Fast Emulator, on their Android devices.

Why My Boy Full Apk?

The games that it can play are very easy to play on an Android device. It is a very good simulator that has the capability of a lot of games. Emulator for Android devices is available for download. Aside from its amazing speed, the phone allows you to play games with ease on any leg.

Taking a break and playing whenever you want is a great option, as is saving your progress so you can get back into it after work. You can play this game when your mobile phone battery is low since it does not consume much power.

In addition, there are no overheating issues and the game is playable without any problems. In my opinion, this is the best aspect of the game. A variety of games is available, including Game Shark, Codebreaker, Action Replay, and Cheat Codes. You can apply a variety of filters with My Boy Pro APK mode.

This awesome my boy emulator APK will be a great app for you to download on your device, and you will enjoy its many features.

Surprising features of My Boy Full Apk:

I’m pretty sure these amazing features of my boy emulator APK will convince you to download the app ASAP.

Ability to fast forward:

Isn’t it tedious to watch boring introductions? I mean, unless you’re a Game of Thrones fan. With My Boy APK! Scenes such as intros can be fast-forwarded. If you find it difficult to complete levels at average speed, you can also slow down games. Isn’t this a neat feature?

Power saving:

Is your phone’s battery draining because of the games you play? My Boy APK! Helps you save battery while emulating a game with the fastest speed.

Provides external support:

My Boy APK! Whenever you play a game, it provides the ability to use external controls. Take your mobile device gaming to the next level with MOGA controllers. Additionally, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available for wireless gaming.

Adjustable screen layout:

 To ensure the best comfort while playing, the screen size can now be adjusted according to your desires. Customize the screen size, position the on-screen controls, and find the ideal finger positions for playing.

Unlimited downloads:

You can download an unlimited number of games with this feature. Playing games that you want to play no longer requires you to buy cartridges. Instead, you can search and download the ones you want.

Cheat codes:

It is very easy to win the game when you cheat. So you can enjoy our latest version and get to experience games like Game Shark, Action Replacement, and Code Breaker. Playing more and more games with My Boy can earn you money because it gives you the chance to cheat.

Hardware acceleration:

GBA Emulator APK lets you run IPS / UPS ROM patches as well as high-end BIOS emulation. With this app, you will be able to play any game with simple graphics. Plays easily and can be opened in seconds.

Simple user interference:

This is a well-designed, clean UI. When using the latest Android version, you can enjoy games without lags. Provides you with the best experience.  

How to install My Boy Full APK?

  1. My Boy APK is available for download from the button below.
  2. You can transfer the file from your PC to your Android smartphone if you downloaded it on your PC.
  3. The My Boy file should be in the folder you pasted it in. 
  4. Install the app by double tapping the apk file.
  5. You will need to enable Unknown Sources and tap on Install.
  6. Open the app once the installation process has been completed and you are ready to play.

The app itself allows you to download games. You can find your favorite game by typing its name in the search box in My Boy. Through the use of ROM patches, the game can be directly downloaded.

FAQS about My Boy Full APK :

What kinds of files does My Boy’s APk support?

It works with files ending in .zip, .gba, and .bin. With .zip, it will load the first recognized archive.

Why does it crash sometimes?

During the installation process, this occurs. Changing the date of your device a few years back is all you need to do. To get your game going, follow these simple steps.

Date & time can be found in Settings->General.

1. To set automatically, tap on the option.

2. Save the date after setting it.

Go back and set the exact time and date once it starts working.

You’re done!

Why does it lag when connected over Wi-Fi?

Try disabling background sync in the system settings (for syncing contacts, calendar, etc.) if it works without WiFi.

Why can’t I press two buttons at once?

There’s a good chance that your phone can’t support multi-touch. Even if your screen supports multi-touch, you will not be able to use it on Android 1.6.

Using Wi-Fi, how do I connect two devices?

  • To link your devices via Wi-Fi, follow the steps below:
  • You must choose (in the menu on one device) ‘Link Remote’ then ‘Wi-Fi (server)’.
  • Incoming connections will be displayed in the “waiting for incoming connections” dialog box along with the IP address and port number.
  • In the upcoming dialog box, you will need to enter the server device’s IP address and port. Then on the other device, choose Wi-Fi (client).
  • The following instructions will allow you to connect.

What guarantees does make concerning My Boy Pro application security?

The APK file that is being downloaded from is checked on Google Play and users are allowed to download it directly from our servers (of course, the cached version is available as well). Generally, we find the APK file in our cache if it is not available on Google Play.

When I install an APK from, can I update it from the Play Store?

The answer is yes, without a doubt. Play Store downloads are installed using Google’s servers, except for the page-loading necessary for installing your service (download and installation), and also uses the Google servers to download and install its content.

Upon installing the new Play Store app, you will automatically receive an update.

When downloading My Boy Pro Apk, why does it require Android App Permission?

Some of the devices on your device require access to applications. You will be notified when an application needs additional permissions when you install it.


You can play virtually any Gameboy, SNES, or PlayStation game of your choice on your Android device with My Boy Full APK – GBA Emulator.

Get My Boy Full APK game if you want to experience next-level gaming with your Android device. It is only a matter of downloading this application.

I hope My Boy Pro App Apk review should have answered all of your questions about it. Now you can download this awesome app for Android and PC and enjoy it. I hope you enjoy the app and will tell your family and friends about it.



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