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Download Mario Kart Tour MOD APK an Action Game for Android. This MOD Includes Free Purchases. So, Download Yours Now and Enjoy!
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Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk is a game that Nintendo Soft has prepared for iOS and Android devices. This game is the latest smartphone game of “Mario” who made his debut with Super Mario in 1985 on the NES console. This game has only been released in Japan, but I think you can enjoy it by downloading it to your android / iPhone.

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

What is Mario Kart Tour Mod APK?

Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk is a game where you race with Mario and friends in the streets. You can choose from different types of cars such as bolide, airship or train. If you want to be a champion, then it’s time for you to show that you’re a step off against your rivals. Here we will give you a brief explanation of this game. You can select from all the characters in the “Mario Kart” series, such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Yoshi. Of course, you can play alone or with friends over wifi. There are also leagues where you battle against other players to determine who is the champion.

You have several modes of play. In the grand Prix mode, you can choose from different cups with 4 races each of them, and the goal is to be among the first 3 who complete. In Time Trial mode, you race against time alone or with friends over wi-fi. And lastly, we have a mission mode where you will have a series of mini-games that you must finish.

The graphics are fantastic, very similar to the charade of 3D and with excellent sound effects. Controls can be made by touching your screen or pressing on the right side of it. Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk is a game that we recommend for everyone who loves kart games and especially “Mario Kart” With the graphic quality of the latest Nintendo games and excellent gameplay with wi-fi mode, this game will give everyone hours of play.

Game Play:

Top Speed! Stay focused and never lose sight of the road ahead as you drive. You can drive to get around corners easily! Start your engines! Time to race! It’s all about the start. Make sure you leave the starting line first! Gain at least one star to move on! Win all the gold cups to be declared the winner! If you play against friends over Wi-Fi, be sure to check their ghost data. You might learn a thing or two about how to improve your skills! Avoid obstacles while you’re in the lead! It’s a long road ahead, so you need to pace yourself! Watch out for other drivers’ tricks! They may just slow you down enough to let one of the other racers take over first place.

Check your rankings after each race. You might find that somebody has challenged you or that somebody is challenging you right now! If you have a good run going, it might not be a bad idea to take a quick break. Who knows? Maybe when you come back you’ll find an exciting challenge waiting for you.

You can change your vehicle whenever you want. Pay attention to the characteristics of each vehicle and select the best one according to the course conditions (certain vehicles perform better on certain terrain).

Features of Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

Race with the latest course scenery! The game features tons of courses to choose from. There are also new courses to enjoy every day, so check in often! Edit Parts can help you out by improving your vehicle’s speed and acceleration. If you find that your vehicle isn’t durable enough for the conditions, then head on over to the Workshop and give your vehicle some TLC! Edit Parts are just one way that you can customize your vehicle.

  • Multiplayer via Wifi.
  • Grand Prix Mode: Unlock new cups and courses as you clear the races within.
  • Time Trial Mode: Practice your favorite tracks to chase a fast time.
  • Mission Mode: Race to accomplish objectives before the opponent does! Sink all the golf balls in Birdie Bash, or collect coins in Coin Runners!
  • Share ghost data via StreetPass. You can race against your friends’ ghosts or even download the ghosts of players from around the world!
  • 100cc Mode: Burn rubber on bigger tires for better acceleration, but be careful not to lose speed when turning corners!
  • 200cc Mode: Race with fresh rubber on smaller tires for lightning-fast acceleration and lighter handling!

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How to Download Mario Kart Tour Mod APK ? 

  • Click the download button below.
  • Run the file and install it.
  • When you open the game, wait for a while for the first screen to load… Then skip advertisement by clicking on the android icon on the top right of the screen… That’s it!
  • Enjoy the new Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk.

How to Install Mario Kart Tour Mod APK? 

  • Download Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk.
  • Download APK installer or BlueStacks for pc & Mac.
  • Open the game after installing it, give it some time to load on the first screen. Don’t close the game when it’s loading!
  • To get the Full Version for Free, follow the instructions below:
  • If you close the game, it will automatically lock the mod version.
  • So make sure to run it using BlueStacks or Nox App Player (you can get them for free) on your PC/ Mac.
  • Enjoy the full version of the Mario kart tour game!

What’s new in Mario Kart Tour Mod APK?

  • Unlocked All Characters.
  • Unlimited Gold Cups.
  • You will get Unlimited Gold Cups when you go to this place, open the map and click on the star icon below, enter any name, click on the OK button. Then close the game and open it again, you will get Unlimited Gold Cups.
  • Select any character, then switch to another one and go to the garage, you can drive all unlocked vehicles for free.

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK – FAQs

How to download Mario Kart Tour mod apk?
You can download Mario kart tour mod apk from the given link below, it’s a full version of the game, no changes there except a few ads.
What is this file and how do I install it?
This file is an installer that will allow you to play Mario Kart Tour (mod version) on your PC.
What do I need to make this work?
You’ll need the latest BlueStacks or Nox App Player installed, uninstall it if you already have one, download and install one of these two android emulators to be able to play Mario Kart Tour mod apk.
How to install Mario Kart Tour mod apk?
Just run the file and click on the Install button, after installation it will automatically open and play.
How to download unlimited money/gold/cups in Mario Kart Tour for free?
There is no such thing as unlimited money or unlimited gold because they are the main currency of this game, you need them to play. When you are driving your character will gain coins which he can use to buy power-ups and new characters. Gold cups can be used to get more gold.
How to unlock all characters in Mario Kart Tour mod apk?
Go to Settings, make sure that the game is already installed on your Android device, if not then install it (link is given below) Go to Security (where you set app permissions) and give permission to the app to access your device’s storage. Open the game and choose any character you want to unblock, just go to Garage (where you can see all unlocked vehicles/ characters) and select the desired character. That’s it!
How to get unlimited money & gold in Mario Kart Tour mod apk?
Choose any character and go to Garage, then take a vehicle (for example, blue kart with Bomb) and activate it. Now you will have unlimited money and gold but if you buy new characters or vehicles they will be locked again. Unlock them by going to the garage and activating the desired vehicle/character.


This is a very awesome mod apk of Mario kart tour, as you know that the game is not for pc and it can’t be played on pc/laptop. It is one of those games which are only made for mobile devices and they cannot be played on PC/Laptops. But if we can play those games on PC/Laptop then it will be very great. And this mod version is developed for that purpose only, you can download the file using the given link below and install it on your device to play the Mario kart tour game on pc or laptop, or computer.

Thank You! Enjoy playing Mario Kart Tour 🙂

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK – FAQs

What's new

  • Unlocked All Characters
  • Unlimited Gold Cups
  • You will get Unlimited Gold Cups when you go to this place, open the map and click on the star icon below, enter any name, click on the OK button... Then close the game and open it again, you will get Unlimited Gold Cups.
  • Select any character, then switch to another one and go to the garage, you can drive all unlocked vehicles for free.



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