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Lost in Blue mod apk is an adventure game that offers a new perspective on the hidden object games genre. You embark on a journey set in an amazing world of magic and wonder, only to find yourself in the dark and the cold, unable to find a way out.
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Lost in Blue mod apk is an adventure game that offers a new perspective on the hidden object games genre. You embark on a journey set in an amazing world of magic and wonder, only to find yourself in the dark and the cold, unable to find a way out. But you don’t have to be afraid as your trusty companion Alvina will help guide you through difficult caves and drawers full of holes. The bright colors of the pictures make for an extremely relaxing atmosphere, although as you progress through this mystery game, you’ll encounter some pretty dark and scary places that are also full of blue light.

What is the Lost in Blue mod apk?

Lost in Blue puts you in a fully intuitive 3D environment where you will find yourself testing your skills and your memory as you go on whirlwind puzzle adventures. Explore a whimsical cave world filled with wood nymphs, skeletons, and lost dwarven treasures while uncovering hidden objects through cryptic clues. Find what’s hidden and defeat the monsters lurking inside this magical world. The spirit of adventure is just around the corner, and you’ll find yourself in for quite a ride as you interact with this intriguing story of love and loss. Look around everywhere and see what’s hiding behind all the blue light.

Lost in blue mod apk

What makes the Lost in blue mod apk special?

Many things make this game special, and the following are just a few of them:

  • Fully customized hidden object scenes with a real-life 3D environment.
  • Over 30 hidden object pictures and objects to find.
  • Play as Alvina, the blue fairy, who uses her magic wand to let you know where the next object is located. She will also help you power up your game and solve all of your puzzles.
  • Explore amazing environments filled with lost dwarven treasures, evil creatures, and magical plants.
  • Unlock more than 30 handcrafted achievements.
  • Meet the dwarven ghost kings who guard the riches and challenge you to prove that you are worthy of them.
  • This adventure game puts you in control of solving puzzles and collecting hidden objects by using your spells, with amazing 3D graphics, dynamic gameplay, and cool animations. 


Firstly, you should collect resources; you will need them to solve the puzzles you encounter and power up your magical spells. There are many ways to find resources; you can either use the magic wand Alvina gives you or by using Solve Objects. Using Magic Wand, Once the spell is charged, you can use it by tapping on your screen and then drawing a nearby object on the screen with it. The symbol will appear in front of an object; once an object is colored, it has been found, and it’s time for another puzzle to be solved, collecting the required number of objects to solve the entire puzzle.

It will be helpful to gather all the objects scattered around the scene to solve it and proceed. Keep in mind that Alvina can only pick up objects within her influence, so sometimes you will have to move her towards an object such as doors or other obstacles that she cannot see or touch, but she can see through. Solve Objects; You will find this spell on one of your Magic Wand’s spells alongside solve objects.

Lost in blue mod apk

Features of Lost in blue mod apk

This game has a lot of fantastic features. Among them are the following:

Crafting tools

Tools are vital for making our lives simpler. Your tools can be used for hunting, mining, or even fighting. These tools are frequently composed of wood, animal bones, and fastened wire. Other tools need the use of uncommon and erratic objects. Players can obtain the essential supplies by themselves by following the directions. Your building time is minimized when you have the correct tools. It will also be easier to obtain mining resources like wood and stone. In more precise terms, you can use a bow or spear to hunt for food.

Build shelter

Once you have the necessary equipment, the following step is to design the ideal shelter. Because your character is very talented, you may develop numerous comprehensive ideas. The initial stage is to construct the frame’s walls and floor. Then, to make things more pleasant, add furniture and accessories. Players can construct higher floors for the house to increase its size if desired. You may put extra protective barriers around your house to keep attackers out. Create food fields to increase your food supply for self-sufficiency. Large farms are neither safer nor more convenient.

Lost in blue mod apk

Facing danger

If we wish to live, we must pay attention to this aspect. There are two kinds of danger: daytime and night-time. Potential invaders can be seen throughout the day while the sun shines. These are often monsters, primitive creatures, or sluggish beasts. However, it will be even more hazardous in the evening when creatures might arrive at any time. Before being attacked, you can only recognize the indicators. So, empower yourself with the tools you’ll need to fight back and win. Don’t let your guard down because your life is more important.


Survival will only become more appealing as more of your buddies join. Create a waiting area and ask your friends to join you. You and they may freely select a character and begin working together to build it. It should be noted that the difficulty will rise as the number of people increases. Make immediate and constructive adjustments to accomplish new goals. You will improve your capacity to work with others. More fun may have with this amazing LOST in Blue mod.

Unlimited Money

You will need weapons and firearms to defend yourself to fight your foes in this game. If you download the modified version of this game from our website, you will also get its premium features, such as unlimited money to spend on weapons in the game. In this game, you may even create a house for yourself to live in. The only thing you need for peaceful living is a house. This is a brilliant game that you might like playing.

Lost in blue mod apk

Ads Free

In this game, you learn to produce crafts and have various options for building your camp. You can build a wide range of tools and weapons. In addition, this game includes an ad-free mode, so you may play without being disturbed. You will like the 3D graphics style.

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Mod Features

  • Everything unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • High-quality graphics
  • Mod menu
  • Exciting Adventure
  • Free Craft max level

How to install the Lost in blue mod apk?

The installation process of the Lost in blue mod apk is straightforward; you are just required to follow the below steps:

1.) First, download the mod apk file from the URL provided above.

2.) Afterward, go to your device setting>security>enable unknown sources option.

3.) Navigate to the location where you saved the mod apk file.

4.) Double-click the file to begin the installation process.

5.) Wait a few moments for the operation to finish.

6.) Congratulations on successfully installing the Lost in Blue mod apk game.

7.) Now open the game and enjoy all its amazing features.

Lost in Blue mod apk – FAQs

Is it safe to use this program because it is a modified version?

Yes, this program is safe to use in its modified form. You should not be afraid of malware accessing your device. You will also be capable of protecting your information.

What is the distinction between this modified apk and the original?

The only change is that you have gained the advantage of creating unlimited money. This gained advantage does not make any difference in providing a better gaming experience.

What features can I use after installing this mod?

You will be able to enjoy this game’s features as if you were playing on an original device. Your gaming experience will improve in quality because of this program.

Is this game free to play?

Yes, this game is completely free. This game is completely free to download and play.

How do I download this game?

Follow the steps mentioned above to download and use this amazing game.

How can I get started with this game?

This game is simple to play. You simply need to install the program to begin playing.


Lost in blue mod apk is the best adventure game with strong elements of survival and building. This game is well-designed, and it comes with an engaging plot that will keep you hooked to your seat. It has numerous options for starting your own village, from hunting down food and wilderness products to home building, crafting tools, and weapons. You can build a shelter for yourself or camp out in the wild for protection against enemies that may come looking for you at any moment. In multiplayer mode, you can compete against other players or work cooperatively with them. Playing the game during the day or at night is up to you. It also includes several additional features that make it worthwhile to download. If you’ve ever played this game, you’ll want to check out the new features.

What's new

  • Everything unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • High-quality graphics
  • Mod menu
  • Exciting Adventure
  • Free Craft max level



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