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Legacy of discord mod apk can give you unlimited diamonds and gold which will help you advance through the levels faster than other players. It's worth a shot!
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Games are something that assists you with investing your valuable energy at home. Individuals who love to mess around become cool and more brilliant because they see astonishing things in the game. Prior individuals use to mess around sit back yet presently the time has changed and individuals are bringing in enormous cash while messing around. To invest their energy without getting bored individuals should pick the best game. There are a great many games accessible on the web that are ideal however when you download Legacy Of Discord APK and play the game then you will realize this one is the extremely habit-forming and astonishing game you at any point played.

Legacy of Discord Mod APK

Legacy of Discord Mod APK is the successor to the popular game called Planet of Heroes. While Planet of Heroes features MMO-style gameplay, Legacy of Discord takes a turn towards the Action RPG genre. It features superior graphics that are far beyond anything Planet of Heroes had. It has a somewhat similar control system. However, the game is set in a fantasy world where giant monsters and deities come to life and the only way to survive is by collecting and customizing your own team of heroes. The game has a raving fan base, and it is quickly gaining popularity.

What is the Legacy of Discord Mod APK?

The legacy of discord mod apk is a good way to get ahead in the game. The hack can give you unlimited diamonds and gold which will help you advance through the levels faster than other players. It’s worth a shot!

Legacy of discord is a free-to-play mobile game with an immersive storyline and intensive multiplayer experience. It has been released recently on our website for free download because it’s one of the best games ever made! Legacy of Discord is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG that has been downloaded by millions of gamers all over the world. With its quick and easy gameplay, this game is perfect for people on the go! You can download it on your Android or iOS device.

Story line of Legacy of Discord Mod APK

The story takes place in the year 3000, after Discord’s 5000th birthday party. The protagonist is a young pegasus pony who wants to be part of an elite team of time patrollers called The Timemares. However, he has no magic and his flying skills are less-than-mediocre. As luck would have it, he gets a chance to demonstrate his skills for the team when they get stuck in Equestria during Discord’s reign.

The story starts with Lyra Heartstrings being recruited by The Timemares, and her settling into Manhattan. After a few months of “trying out”, she gets accepted on the team and becomes best friends with the protagonist. The story starts when they get a call from Twilight Sparkle. A time ripple has been found in Canterlot of the day Discord was defeated. They arrive at that point and find out that another member of The Timemares can be sent back to prove if it’s actually a time ripple or not.

After getting all the answers they need. They go back to the present day only to find out that Canterlot has been conquered by Diamond Dogs. They arrive at Ponyville where Spike is being attacked by Diamond Dogs. After fighting them off, he tries to find Twilight Sparkle, but she’s… not at the library anymore. Spike explains how the library was abandoned due to well a lack of books.

They go to Rarity’s boutique, and, after a rather awkward moment with Rarity. They get told where Twilight Sparkle is going to be taken – Diamond Dogs’ mine in the Everfree Forest. Rescue Twilight Sparkle from a group of Diamond Dogs without incident and return her to Ponyville. As traditions dictate when rescuing a princess/alicorn, they are invited to a royal banquet at Canterlot.

Ending Part:

At the banquet, Diamond Tiara’s father comes up with an idea of putting Twilight Sparkle on display during Nightmare Night to boost sales for their shop. After that fails miserably, Luna decides that she will judge the costume contest. After Twilight Sparkle wins the best costume for her Twilight Sparkle costume from the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Diamond Dogs try to take Equestria for themselves. The Timemares stop them, and they are sent back to their original timeline.

Features of Legacy of Discord Mod APK?

There are millions of games of every type circulating around all over the world but the legacy of mod apk is best there are some of the features of the legacy of discord mod apk are discussed below.


It is very different from other mobile games, in the sense that it has great replay value and does not feel like a typical Free-to-Play game. The graphics are a sight to behold. It seems as if the developers have learned from their past mistakes and have made a lot of progress since Planet of Heroes. In addition, it features a very unique art style that is drawn in Anime-style and a beautiful soundtrack to go with it. The developers have promised frequent updates for this game. It has already made a lot of progress after the first week of the game’s release.


Legacy of Discord is currently being updated on a regular basis, and there are weekly events along with new dungeons being released constantly. It is free to play with in-app purchases. But offers a lot of value for players who are willing to put in a little time and effort. In addition, it is one of the very few games that have been optimized for the PC as well as smartphones. The PC version of the game runs much smoother than other similar games. It just goes to show how dedicated the developers are to making sure that their players get the complete experience.

Tons of Customization Options

The legacy of discord has been in the market for a long time. It is generally considered that we have already seen almost every possible feature that can be implemented in this game. But no, there is still some that we have not yet seen, In Legacy of discord. There are so many customization options that it would take several hours to read them all. In the game, you can customize your hero in a number of ways. You can customize your character with customizable colors. There are plenty of skins available for the customization of your character. There are armor and accessories for you to choose from.

New Equipments

In Legacy of Discord, there is equipment that can be acquired with fragments and gold which you can get from dungeons. These fragments and equipment can be upgraded to enhance the strength of your heroes. There are also items such as gems that can be used to further increase the strength of your heroes.

Three Types Arena

Legacy of discord also has an arena where you can battle other players. There are three types of the arena in the game. The first one is the draft arena which you must spend some gold to get into this arena. Then there is the normal arena where players of similar rank go into. The last one is the Endless Arena which is available for players who have reached LVL 40 and above. This arena will give out good rewards to its participants once it ends.

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Various Game Modes

Legacy of Discord also has various game modes or called instances where you can fight bosses that are giving out good bonuses in gold, experience points, and equipment if you manage to kill them. There are other features such as guilds but this article would be too long if we were to discuss them all so it’s better if you check these features on your own while playing Legacy of Discord.

That’s not all there is to Legacy of discord. It provides an excellent regional service with hundreds of servers available for players to use.

Legacy of Discord is fun and worth your time if you’re looking for a good 3rd person action game.

How To Download Legacy Of Discord Mod APK

You download and install the game on your Android phone. The file is about 225 MB. After download, you can play Legacy Of Discord as long as you keep the game open. If you intend to download Legacy Of Discord offline, download it first, quit your browser, and download it again (what I prefer).

Warning: -Do not download anything else (abnormal download behavior might end up downloading firmware or viruses). Make sure that you download the version of Legacy Of Discord designed for your device (compatible download links are mentioned above). Do not download Legacy Of Discord APK straight to your phone. You download it to PC and transfer it, otherwise, compatibility issues may arise.

Step 1 – Go to Download Page: Very first you need to click on the download button we have provided.

Step 2 – Go to File Manager: When you click on the download button your downloading will begin currently go to record director and find APK File


You really wanted to empower obscure sources subsequent to downloading this APK document since Legacy Of Discord is a changed rendition of Legacy Of Discord APK. This one is an outsider application and the android telephone doesn’t permit the introduction of an outsider application.

Step 3 – Install Legacy Of Discord APK: Now tap on that APK file of Legacy Of Discord you have downloaded. once you tap on that your application will be installed on your phone.

Step 4 – Launch Legacy Of Discord Hack: Now the Legacy Of Discord icon will be on your phone. Tap on that to start using the application.

Hurray!! Finally, you got your desired game on your android device.



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