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Developers modified the official WhatsApp to add some exciting features like hiding Double Ticks, Change Themes, Set Online Status, Use WhatsApp Accounts, and much more and develop GBWhatsApp Apk. It has extra privacy available in it, and there is no need to pay anything to use this mod.
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In the era of digital technology, life has become busier. People use WhatsApp to connect with others. If you currently use WhatsApp, then you should try GBWhatsApp Apk, which is easier and interesting, and also have more features than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is officially modified by the developers, they add more features that are seriously needed. Like, the theme, online status, hiding a chat, and hiding double tick. GBWhatsApp is free, you can use all features without paying.

If you did use it before, then try it now. But stop thinking about downloading and installing this is so simple, I will guide you everything about WhatsApp Plus.

GBWhatsApp plus has a lot of highlighted features, if you want to use WhatsApp plus then you can install it without uninstalling WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp APK Advantages:

GBWhatsApp Apk

Well, I’m going to tell you the advantages of GBWhatsApp apk, but first, you have to know that what is GBWhatsApp! So, GBWhatsApp is the upgraded version of green WhatsApp. Nowadays, WhatsApp is on number one chatting app, Sharing edited pics and videos on status, you should share your best photo and video editor video or pic on it. It is available for every smartphone. Plus WhatsApp gives us amazing and new features which are still not considered by other chatting apps including official WhatsApp.

For more advantages of blue WhatsApp, you can use dual WhatsApp and enjoy a lot of features.

GBWhatsApp Apk Features:

GBWhatsApp is designed with millions of new features, you can use it on every smartphone without any issue.

Here’s I will highlight all the features of Blue WhatsApp Plus apk 2021.

GB Auto-reply

If you are busy, then you can use the auto-reply feature when you want to reply to anyone’s texts.


If WhatsApp messages disturb you while you are using another app on your phone then here’s a new feature ‘DND’, in which you can disable the connection of the internet from your GBWhatsApp Blue apk.

Filter WhatsApp messages

The filter WhatsApp messages render an option to clear the individual inbox and also filters the messages.

Editing Effect of GBWhatsApp APK

You can use lovely effects on your pictures and videos which you want to share with your friends and family.

Withdraw multiple messages on Whatsapp

You can revoke multiple messages at a time.

Send Hundreds of pictures using Gbwhatsapp APK

You can share up to 90 pictures at once, and 100 MB of both audio and video clips with your friends and family.

Share live location

You can share your live locations with your friends by using the GBWhatsApp apk.

Download statuses

You can download all statuses, pictures, and videos updated by other contacts. This is one of my favorite features in the GBWhatsApp apk.  

Customize fonts size

In official WhatsApp, you have a single font Size but, in GBWhatsApp you can choose the font of your choice.

Unlimited theme

There are a lot of amazing themes and emojis that make your conversation more attractive and show your mood to your contact.

Mark unread messages

You can Mark the read messages, from notifications without opening the chatbox.

Best image Quality

In GBWhatsApp apk you can send photos of high-Quality pixels by editing them.

Messages history

You can check out the message history of deleted messages of your contacts and groups.


There’s a great feature of Blue WhatsApp, in which you can select different languages from the default lost.

Alters contacts

You can select the specific media visibility of contact in your gallery.

WhatsApp Notifications

WhatsApp plus give you the feature of changing profile picture. If anyone in your contact changes their profile pictures the GBWhatsApp gives you a notification.

Pop up notification

GBWhatsApp apk gives you another cool feature in which you can hide your pop-up notification on your home screen.

GBWhatsApp APK for iPhone:

Every 4 people out of 10 are using iPhone because the iPhone is not just popular but also expensive. iPhone users don’t know how to install the iOS files in it. If you already know then that’s good.

This is so simple you just have to open the browser that you are using now click on the download the iOS button. When you download the file, open it to install. This will take few seconds in installing.

When the GBWhatsApp iOS is installed on your iPhone, now launch it.

Log in with your WhatsApp account or create a new one.

How to Backup Data on GBWhatsApp APK?

GBWhatsApp gives you a grantee of your messages which concerns your chats which are secure and safe. By these two methods, you can get back your files and data.

Backup GBWhatsApp data with apk. The first step is to support GBWhatsApp chat with the program.

Open your GBWhatsApp account go to settings and then click on chat Back-Up.

Click on Back-Up to save your messages including media in your phone’s internal memory.

For PC you can use Bring Back Social Application, in which you can transfer information when managing your mobile information, including your Official WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Back-Up records.

Unlimitation of data in GBWhatsApp APK:

WhatsApp is the fastest app for receiving and sending data. Have you ever use WhatsApp? If yes, then you surely know that in sending photos, videos, or a song to your friends WhatsApp gives you a limit of a maximum of 16MB. Greater than 16MB files will not be sent. GBWhatsApp Apk removes the limits. Now you can send anything you want.

How I can install GBWhatsApp Apk without losing the old WhatsApp chat? 

Open the app, Now log in with your phone number.

When you logged in a restore button will appear to back up WhatsApp chat in GBWhatsApp plus.

Click it wait until it restores.

Now enjoy the Mod version GBWhatAapp Plus Apk 2021.

GBWhatsApp APK FAQs:

What is GBWhatsApp APK?
This is the Modded Version of official WhatsApp with overloaded features.
Is GBWhatsApp is safe to use?
Yes, the GBWhatsApp apk is completely safe to use, I’m using this Blue WhatsApp for months and haven’t seen any problem with this.
Does GBWhatsApp APK work on the iPhone?
Yes, GBWhatsApp works smoothly as it works in Android.
Can I get backup data in Blue WhatsApp?
In GBWhatsApp you can easily get a backup of your data.
Is Plus Whatsapp have the same privacy features as the official WhatsApp provides?
Your Blue WhatsApp is completely saved, the app gives you authority to control your privacy.
Is this is true that we can use dual WhatsApp on a phone?
Yes, you are open to using dual WhatsApp at a time, without any issue.


GBWhatsApp plus Apk gives you overloaded amazing features which make your conversation fantastic and show your moods in fascinate emojis. Blue WhatsApp offers brilliant features which give you an excellent user experience, which you have missed in the original WhatsApp. 

Don’t you think that you deserve the Mod version of the official WhatsApp? Then hurry up go and download GBWhatsApp Apk.

GBWhatsApp APK 2021 Download Latest Version For Android



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