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In this game, the computer tests you and if your musical knowledge and rewards you with some Romantic scenes with your girlfriend (in the game).
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Do you know all rhythm on your fingertips? If yes, then the game Friday Night Funkin Apk mobile is for you. In this game, the computer tests you and if your musical knowledge and rewards you with some Romantic scenes with your girlfriend (in the game).

This is the right piece if you get tired of fighting or sports games but If you already know then stay with me and if you don’t know what is Friday Funkin Apk then don’t worry I’ll tell you in this article.

What is Friday Night Funkin Apk Mobile?

Friday Night Funkin music is a musical game that has collected a lot of success in its PC version and is now at the player’s demand developers updates it for the Android devices.

After up to ten years of Friday Night Funkin mod apk, the game has become the most used application like SnackVideo, Tiktok, and Twitch, where a lot of people dance on its music and recreate the moves of the game in hashtag videos.

Friday Night Funkin Apk

In this game, Your mission is that you have to get a kiss from your girlfriend to do so, firstly you have to impress her Father. Then you will enjoy a chat on Whatsapp, haha it’s just a joke, But the question is HOW!

Well, by singing the Rap Battle this only sounds so simple but actually, this is not. So the main characters in Friday Night Funkin are a boy and his girl. The boy considers himself as a rapper in front of the girl’s father. The Rapper wants to kiss his girl but her father stops him from doing this and also challenges him to guess the rhythm of the music.

Additional Information about Friday Night Funkin Apk Android:

Let’s test your music sense and win every mission.  When we make the rhythm the boy will sing rap against his girl’s father. The main thing you have made your sight on the winning line as well as your lifeline. Week by week, level by level the missions become tougher to play, how the boy wins the levels and continue his fight for his love. I think it is the same as FIFA, you have you take the ball and safely take it and goal it.

The Friday Night Funkin PC gives the best graphics and above all, this is a simply designed and addictive game to play and easy to handle.

In case you have any questions about the game don’t worry the game offers tutorials and has 2 modes.

Game modes:

  • Story Mode
  • Free Play Mode

Story Mode: As I told you before in the 2nd paragraph, the game offers a good storyline depending on the boy’s progress how he handles the difficulties one after another as long as you manage to defeat them and win the mission.

Free Play: This is a practice mood. It offers an endless rhythm, In this, you will continue playing if your appraisal is right. In this mode, you will get mastery of your music sense.

Multi Flavours:

Friday Night Funkin Apk comes in two flavors (both free!): single-player and multi-player.

The single-player game lets you play songs one at a time whereas the multi-player game is an asynchronous online jam, with up to four of you connecting from around the world and each choosing your own part to play. You can play along with the parts of other players, or you might find yourself having to cover all the parts yourself – it’s up to you.

Features of Friday Night Funkin Mobile Apk:

  • Friday Night Funkin mod apk is a story-based game.
  • Vast career mood with unique characters
  • Easy to handle, and addictive for the music lover
  • Strict rules and regulations, no chance to cheat.
  • You can easily win the game by following the guidelines
  • The game offers two different modes.
  • The game also offers tutorials that give you a complete guideline
  • No need to subscribe only a data connection is needed while you are using story mode.
friday night funkin apk
friday night funkin apk
friday night funkin apk

Pros and Cons:


Friday night Funkin mobile offers free guidelines for players.


Deficiencies concentrate on the gameplay.

Is Friday Night Funkin mobile apk is free?

No, but you can download it from freely, else you can download BlackMart Apk to procced, so install Friday Night Funkin Apk and enjoy the app. I am Dam sure you will love it.

How to Download Friday Night Funkin Apk?

Click on Download and extract the file and play it.

For downloading the apps/games on your android phone, you do not need an account or a password. All you have to do is just simply follow the instructions given below:

To download the Friday Night Funkin Apk Android app/game, you will be required to click on the download option.

Now, you will be redirected to the download page of the app/game. Here, you can directly download Friday Night Funkin Apk without being signed in or subscribed first. You could also directly click on your desired format(usually .apk) to get the file.

Once downloaded, go to your downloads folder on your phone and open the app/game from there.

If you have any problems, please let us know by commenting below, or else we won’t be able to help you further.

Hope you all enjoyed the Friday Night Funkin Apk download link which worked for you. Please don’t forget to share this article & keep visiting us for more great articles.

Happy Funkin’!

How to install Friday Night Funkin apk?

1. Download the Friday Night Funkin apk file from the above-given link.

2. After download complete, “FridayNightFunkinApa”. Now u will get a zip file, extract that.

3. After extraction you will get another zip folder called “com.davidscottgame”, this is the main folder.

4. Now move that “com.davidscottgame” folder to SD card/android/obb folder .

5. After moving the com.davidscottgame zip file, now you will get two more files os and lib, delete both of them.

6. Now open your game & enjoy 🙂

Happy Funkin’!

FAQs about Friday Night Funkin Android

How to play Friday Night Funkin free online game?
First, complete the tutorial level that gives you a lot of help to understand the game, then start progressing to the story of the game level, or give sight to free play mode in which you can play against the story characters of the game. In story mode, you can set the level of difficulty as your music knowledge.
How to update Friday Night Funkin free play game?
Friday Night Funkin apk updates week to week by adding a new level with new difficulties and a new song. This update is not coexisting for all versions, for the actual update version we have to wait to arrive in apk formats for Android.
How do I join the online Friday Night Funkin game?
It’s easy – just click on the Multi-player link at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. You’ll need an internet connection, but no other software is necessary.
Can I play songs from my own music collection in Friday Night Funkin' Apk?
Yes, you can add mp3s to your library and play them in the game along with the current tunes. That’s not quite ready yet – but should be ready soon!
Is Friday Night Funkin' Apk a real band / do other people have to connect?
No, you’re playing alone; the multi-player game is an online jam session. You get to choose your own part (just like in real life) and then watch your performance afterward.
What are the controls in Friday Night Funkin' Apk?
You can play bass/drums/guitar or keyboards, plus there are lots of fun ways to customize your sound and create your own distinctive style. Sliders on the right of your screen control volume, overdrive, and effects; you can also look at them in-game by pressing TAB.
Which instruments can I play?
At launch, you can play bass (with 4 frets and 5 strings), drums (with 6 pads), and guitar (strummed or bowed); keyboard, brass, reeds, and vocals will be added in the future. There are 5 preset sound banks for each instrument to choose from; you can also go in and fine-tune your own sound. Tabs at the bottom of the screen will show you what buttons to press – there are chord shapes, single notes, or drum pads to play depending on which instrument you’re using.
What's in each song in Friday Night Funkin' Apk?
They’re launching with over 200 songs, covering a range of styles from funk to folk and jazz to jump blues. Each song has multiple parts for each instrument, so you can pick your favorite or cover all the parts yourself if you prefer.


There are millions of games to play in offline and online mode. Like, puzzles, fights, sports, action, and entertainment to engage people. Friday Night Funkin apk offers an interesting theme of the game with a different storyline.

If you are waiting for a new twist every week then you can download the Friday Night Funkin mod version apk.

FAQs about Friday Night Funkin Android




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