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FilmoraGo pro apk is the leading video editing app for android and is perfect for those with a creative side or who like to make videos. Users can easily put together short videos with the most powerful trimming tools, add text and photos,
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FilmoraGo pro apk is the leading video editing app for android and is perfect for those with a creative side or who like to make videos. Users can easily put together short videos with the most powerful trimming tools, add text and photos, create captivating visuals like titles and transitions, adjust audio levels directly within the app interface, and share their creations over popular social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc. FilmoraGo’s powerful video editing tools make it easy to build interesting videos to share with friends, family, or the world. Download FilmoraGo Pro today and experience the wonder of video making.

Filmorago pro apk

What is Filmora pro apk?

FilmoraGo Pro Apk is a popular and powerful video editing app that has gained a lot of popularity quickly. It comes with all the Pro features of the app, including trim, editing, and various other amazing features made possible with a dedicated mobile device. FilmoraGo Pro gives users one of the best experiences in making videos. Explore timeless limits on your clips and filters with ease with FilmoraGo Pro. FilmoraGo has the perfect combination of top-quality video editing tools, all in one app. It’s a powerful video editor that allows you to create everything from mobile videos to cinematic masterpieces.

What makes the FilmoraGo Pro Apk app special?

FilmoraGo was developed with the original purpose of video editing. It is one of the most powerful android video editing apps, making it possible to perform more than a thousand video edits within a few seconds. The app has made it possible for users to edit any video clip with unparalleled ease and precision. Additionally, users are given options to trim or cut the videos to feel comfortable. From creating simple videos with filters and effects to full-length movies, FilmoraGo will be your best buddy when you need a helping hand in making your dream movie.

Filmorago pro apk

Features Of FilmoraGo pro apk

Several amazing features have made the app famous all over the world. Some of the features are given below:

Speed control

Speed control allows users to make their videos run at different speeds. This excellent feature allows you to make your video last longer than usual. You can also slow down your video footage if you want to lengthen it. Speed control helps create multiple fast or slow motions within distinct parts of your clips.

Video Transitions

Video transitions help blend the separate video clips into one coherent piece of work that effectively tells a story. FilmoraGo offers over 50 transitions for users to choose from and use in their videos.

License-free music

Music makes all of your videos heart-warming and more attractive. Over 100 licensed free music tracks are available in the app to give you an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Comic strip

A comic strip is one more amazing feature of FilmoraGo that makes your videos more attractive and realistic. This feature allows you to import comic strips from various sources like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The comic strips can import from other sources like Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

Fun stickers

The app provides several categories of stickers that users can use in their videos to make them more attractive. Some of the stickers are funny, and some are beautiful. The app has made it possible for kids to add stickers that can make their videos a piece of art.

Filmorago pro apk

Trimming and cutting

Trimming and cutting is an important feature that makes FilmoraGo Pro the most powerful video editing app. Its trimming features make it possible to edit any movie with endless possibilities. With trimming, you can edit your videos in a tempo you wish to. You can add text and music at the end of your video. You can even shorten the videos into a single shot with this feature.

Audio equalization

Audio equalization makes your videos more attractive by permitting you to adjust the audio levels of your video. You can choose different levels for the audio along with a visual spectrum. Audio equalization is one more important feature that makes FilmoraGo stand out from its competitors in the market.

Video effects

Video effects are the most important feature that has made the app famous. By selecting different video effects, you can give your videos a new look and feel like never before. You will have the freedom to apply filters, shadows, frames, and more to your videos. On top of that, each effect can be assigned to a particular part of the clip. You will have the freedom to create a masterpiece in just a few minutes with FilmoraGo Pro.

Filmorago pro apk

Export in high quality

Another important feature that makes FilmoraGo stand out is the ability to export videos in high quality. The app supports 1080p at 60 fps or 720p at 120 fps. Users are also given an option to export their video clips in a different format if they are not satisfied with the default settings.

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Filmorago pro apk Features

  • No Watermark.
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • VIP Unlocked.
  • No Ads.
  • Unlocked All Tools

How to install the Filmorago pro apk?

FilmoraGo pro apk can easily be installed on your android device. Here we have provided a step-by-step process that will help you to install this amazing app on your android device.

  • Firstly, download the FilmoraGo apk file from the link mentioned above.
  • After that, open the file you downloaded from your android device.
  • After that, open your device’s settings and check if “Unknown sources” are checked. If it is not, check it and then proceed.
  • Now, open the apk file of FilmoraGo on your android device and click on “Install.”
  • Once the installation is completed, you will be notified of the successful installation.
  • Finally, you have completed all steps, Now, Open the app and enjoy.

Filmorago pro apk – FAQs

Is FilmoraGo free?

Yes, FilmoraGo is free to use.

Does the FilmoraGo mod apk app have watermarks?

No, the app does not have a watermark.

Can it be used to edit videos with music? 

Yes, the FilmoraGo mod apk can be used to edit videos with music. It also supports additional audio tracks during video editing.

Can I use the FilmoraGo apk app offline?

Yes, the app can use offline.

How can I use it to create slow-motion videos?

Use FilmoraGo mod apk and set the slow-motion options. You can select a speed from 0 to 2 seconds per second. Select the area in which you want your video to slow down. Now, click on the record button and click on the stop button when you are done recording your videos with the slow-motion option.

Can I use the app to create gifs? 

No, FilmoraGo mod apk is not a suitable app to create gifs.

Is the FilmoraGo mod apk app safe?

Yes, the FilmoraGo app is 100% safe to use.


FilmoraGo mod apk is one of the best video editing apps available online. It has a friendly interface and supports a huge range of editing options. The app is free of cost, and it does not have a watermark. If you are looking for the best android application to edit your videos, the FilmoraGo mod apk is an excellent choice. Let’s download the Filmorago apk app from the above link and get all its features.

What's new

  • Volume controls
  • Trim and split videos
  • Adjust Clips Sequence
  • Intuitive timelines zoom
  • Clip rotation



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