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Are you ready to face the best battle game with dragons? Feel like you are in the world of the famous game dragon city mod apk? The crazy dragons will conquer all enemies to protect their world, but they also need your help.
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Are you ready to face the best battle game with dragons? Feel like you are in the world of the famous game dragon city mod apk? The crazy dragons will conquer all enemies to protect their world, but they also need your help. In this game, players breed their dragons and then pit them against one another in battle. The goal is always to capture the other two dragons. Players try to achieve victory in this viral game even with their opponent’s dragon. Take a chance and download the dragon city mod apk game. This is the best strategy and dragon game of all time.

Dragon city mod apk

What is the Dragon City mod apk?

Dragon City is one of the best Simulation games for Android; It is an exciting Casual independent game developed by Social Point. In this game, you have to build your own Dragon City where you can store dragons in the Zoo or just let them run freely. You have to feed all of them and train them to improve their strength. You also have to buy dragon eggs from the market, evolve new dragons, and increase your power by combining your dragon with other dragons. In multiplayer mode, you may play with your friends and transfer dragons to them.

What makes the Dragon city Mod Apk game special?

Dragon city mod apk game has real game characters with detailed graphics and animation. You need to breed a dragon, collect its materials, and combine them with other dragons to create a stronger one. You can also feed your dragons and keep them happy by placing them in the cage or just letting them run freely. Additionally, you will get unlimited rewards for playing the game. You don’t have to pay anything as you will receive all the things that have been unlocked in this game without spending a single penny. With this dragon city mod apk, you can also enjoy new maps and items not available in the original game. All these things will help you improve your skills and develop them more than before.

Dragon city mod apk


The game starts with a tutorial that will introduce you to the essential things like feeding your dragon and letting them breed. At first, It is not too difficult to handle these tasks, but as the game progress, it becomes more complex, and there are a lot of tasks that you have to do to keep your dragon happy. You will also see other dragons around you, which other players also bred. You can fight with them or collect their materials from the market. Players can enjoy hundreds of different items with this dragon city mod apk game. These things will help you improve your skills, gain new dragons and improve your productivity. Therefore, you have to collect and get them to upgrade your dragons.

Features of dragon city mod apk 

There are many features that you will enjoy in this game. Some of them are below:

Unlimited gold

This is the most crucial feature of this game that you can’t enjoy in the original game. It means that you will be able to get unlimited gold from the dragon city market. This gold is used in buying new things and upgrading your dragons. You can buy many things from the dragon city market with this unlimited gold.

Unlimited gems

Gems are also crucial in this game. They are used to buy different things, upgrade your dragons, and play with other players. Some caged dragons can be free by only using gems. You can locate caged dragons in every location of your city. Utilize these gems for unlocking them and breed them to develop a more powerful dragon.

100s of dragons

There are 80M+ dragon masters. Each player can have up to 500 dragons in their city simultaneously. Dragon City gives you the freedom to combine, create and even level up your dragons. It would help if you found new dragons for breeding and combining them to make the strongest one. One of the best features of this game is that you will get 100 types of dragons that can be used according to the battle situation. Some dragon types are rock, flame, jungle, earth, beyond, and many more. You can also combine different dragons to get a new and powerful dragon.

Dragon city mod apk

Dragon breeding

Breeding dragons is an excellent method to create a top-level battle force. Dragon city provides you with the opportunity of breeding dragons by buying eggs from the market. The player can place their eggs in their house and hope for them to be lucky enough to have an egg with a lucky dragon inside. Then, you can collect those eggs and choose one of them to hatch to obtain a new dragon that you can use in combat against other players or even against enemies. You can use as many dragons as you want in this dragon city mod apk game.

Many different maps

There are five different maps in this game, and every map has different types of places. You will be able to find cities, mountains, forests, and many other things with this dragon city mod apk game. Every map has different enemies that you have to contain to win the battle. Each player has to choose a different area of their city and migrate the remaining land to create it. Once this is done, you have to upgrade your dragons with the help of dragon city golds.

PvP combat battle

PvP battle stands for Player Vs. Player battle. There are more than 80M+ players worldwide. You can battle against them by joining different leagues. Every participant has their own league, so you may choose according to your preferences and skill level. Every player has to select a team of their dragons and battle against the rivals with their selected dragons. After the end of the match, the results are shown online, and they tell you how many points you have scored in that match.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food
  • Anti Ban
  • No Root

Note: If you have any problem while starting the game after installing, then, in this condition, delete the game and install it again on your android phone.

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How to install the Dragon city mod apk game?

  1. First, click the download button above. 
  2. Enable the Unknown Source option to install the apk file in Android settings.
  3. Install Dragon city mod apk.
  4. Enjoy playing this amazing game

Why should you install the Dragon city mod apk?

Dragon City is a fantastic game that will help you to spend your valuable time in a better way. You can enjoy playing this exciting game in your spare time, and you do not have to worry about anything as everything will be taken off by this excellent mod apk. The important thing is that this mod version is safe and secure and will not cause any problems to your device. Download it today from the button above with a 100% virus-free file.


What does the training center do in Dragon City?

It increases the Experience of your dragons and allows them to train to the next level.

How do I view my Friend’s cities in Dragon City?

This is a social game, and when you play it on Android, you can visit all your Friends’ cities. You can also visit other online players from around the globe and check out their dragons. This is a great way to share your dragons with other players and show off your city.

How do I engage in PvP in Dragon City?

You need to head over to the PvP area, which is on the top of the map. You can then choose your dragons and get ready for a fight. All your stats are automatically updated to see how well or poorly you did against your opponent. You can fight against your friends, use the PvP matchmaking feature, or even join competitive tournaments.

What should I do after I’ve completed a PvP battle?

It would help if you headed back to the PvP area, and you will see your opponent’s Leader Dragon and their stats. You can then attach it to steal some of its Experience or leave it alone and build up your own.

Is it safe to play this dragon city mod apk game?

Yes, this is a safe mod apk game. There is no virus or malware in it, and you can play this without any problem.

Is Dragon City APK free to use and install?

Yes, this is entirely free, and it will not cost you anything to download from the above link. You can install it on your Android device and enjoy playing this fantastic game.


DragonCity Mod is a social network game-based dragon breeding game. The game is a blend of 3D animation and great strategies. This game has become a trendy game mainly due to its stunning visuals, exciting gameplay, and challenging quests. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world with dragons, heroes, and epic battles. The game is addictive and compelling as it challenges you to breed and train a wide range of powerful dragons with different skills. So, download the dragon city mod apk game from the above link and enjoy all its features.

What's new

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food
  • Anti Ban
  • No Root



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