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Dice Dreams hack apk is an interesting Android board dice game. In Dice Dreams, you control dice in a nightmare-like dreamscape and use them to navigate through obstacles.
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Dice Dreams hack apk is an interesting Android board dice game. In Dice Dreams, you control dice in a nightmare-like dreamscape and use them to navigate through obstacles. The goal is to collect as much Treasure as possible on your way: you start by rolling a handful of dice and then place them where they land – the number on each die will determine how far it can move. To begin playing, you need to throw dice but be careful: some of them may end up on a unique square that will make them stop moving or even send you backward. The more dice you roll, the more likely you may encounter an obstacle so that you can better prepare yourself and grab as much Treasure as possible.

Dice dreams hack apk
Dice dreams hack apk

What is Dice dreams hack apk?

The Dice Dreams hack apk allows you to create dreams using dice. You must win each game level by collecting the most treasures, using the dice you are given to perform stunts, and making the obstacle course harder to overcome. In Dice Dreams, you do not play a character but rather control a collection of dice placed into a landscape. Throw a pile of dice and attempt to acquire as much Treasure as you can along the route. You’ll face more obstacles and may have to repeat the same move several times before reaching the goal. A journey of combat, exploration, and discovery awaits you in this dice-throwing journey.

What makes the Dice dreams hack apk special?

The Dice Dreams hack apk features intuitive gameplay; through the simple rules of throwing dice, you can learn how to play quickly. Our dice dream hack for Android makes you feel like a dream. Explore the adventure with an extensive collection of possible death-defying stunts and enjoy the mix between strategy and action. Dice Dreams is easy to learn to play and provides hours of excitement; this dice game will challenge your skills in both hustling and calculation. In Dice Dreams, you can see the tower and the forest surrounded by a misty wall. Inside this magical land, only you are a fairy. Do you want to know why? You must go deep into the dream world up to the top of the tower or into the forest.

Dice dreams hack apk
Dice dreams hack apk


Dice Dreams hack apk is a dream simulator game. You build your dreamscape and face the challenges that it poses. The game begins with a selection of dice, which you can choose between three colors. Each die will have the number corresponding to its color, and this die’s value determines the number of paces it can travel. When you throw a die, it moves according to a random amount. Your dice will be returned to you if they land in an empty spot. You may also send your dice back to yourself by clicking on the button that appears when they touch each other at least once in a row. You can also roll the die with a value of 0, turning it into a red dice with steps corresponding to the number shown.

Each object you pass through or over will give you one Treasure, and every three treasures you collect earn you an extra turn. Treasure also appears on the gameboard during your game. These treasures are randomly generated and can be ordered when rolled on. Collect gems to gain additional turns and attempt to reach the objective before time runs out. Clearing the level will unlock new levels.

Features of Dice dreams hack apk

There are many exciting features of Dice Dreams; some of them are as follows:

Earn gold

There are various methods to earn gold in Dice Dreams. Most essential, roll dice with your opponents and create your game strategies. Earn money by winning fights! In addition, as previously stated, you may obtain treasures by assaulting and destroying neighboring countries. The most crucial thing is to estimate your forces and supplies correctly. Without feeling bad, turn someone else’s fortunes into your own. Pirates once robbed you of everything; remember this and exact your revenge with attacks on their islands.

Discover new kingdoms

Find new pirate islands and assault them without fear. You may explore your friends’ pirate kingdoms and other fascinating boards in Dice Dreams. You will learn new things and save money for the progress of your country with each level. Consider what the pirates did to you and reclaim your wealth and glory.

Dice dreams hack apk
Dice dreams hack apk

Build your kingdom

Why must you earn money during battles and duels? To rebuild the world’s most stunning kingdom. Invest your accumulated coins in castle construction to increase its look and protection against other people’s raids. Don’t let the pirates damage everything you’ve worked so hard to create! Make the palace precisely as you want it. Create a dream empire and demonstrate to the world who controls Dice Dreams.

Graphics and Sound

There is a lot of visual appeal to Dice Dreams. The world of cartoons takes us back to fairy tales and children’s cartoons. The characters of well-thought-out books are so vivid and vibrant that you can’t help but fall in love with them. Both youngsters and adults may enjoy the game. Although this does not influence the game, the heroes resemble little plastic figures. On the opposite, it gets interesting. The sound effects are incredible.

Mod Description

We can provide you with a Dice Dreams mod that allows you to utilize infinite moves. Because you can now roll the dice several times, you can play as much as you like with this update.

Mod Testing

After downloading the mod, you will have access to infinite movements, although the original version only enables you to utilize a dozen of them. As a result, when your hero’s energy level reaches 0, the quantity flips. Your motions become aggressive, and you can roll the dice as many times as you like. Our team guarantees that the Dice Dreams mod will not harm your device.

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Mod Features

  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money 

How to install the Dice dreams hack apk?

The Dice dreams hack apk installation method is simple; follow the instructions below:

1.) Download the dice dream hack apk file from the above link.

2.) After that, open your device file manager >setting>security>enable the unknown sources option.

3.) Go to the location where you stored the file.

4.) Double-click the file to begin the installation process.

5.) Wait a few moments for the operation to complete.

6.) Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Dice dream hack apk game.

7.) Open the game and enjoy playing it.

Dice dreams hack apk – FAQs

Could we use the A Dice Dreams Mod APK without an internet link?

The mod apk needs a decent 3G or 4G Internet connection. However, if you have a consistent internet connection, you may play the game without connecting.

How can I acquire the complete version of the Dice Dreams mod?

As far as the mission is concerned, you will be able to accomplish it in the original version of the application. However, in the hacked version, you won’t need to play much longer because everything is unlocked, and you’ll be able to win right away.

Is it possible to get the Dice Dreams MOD APK for free?

Yes, the apk mod version is free and easy to obtain.

Is it possible to use the Dice Dreams Apk mod both online and offline?

This apk is online, and you must have an internet connection to obtain the best results.

Will private information be kept secure?

Your private information will never be given to a third party or used by another website. However, because your data is entirely safe, you may manage it using the Application.

What is the best place to download Dice Dreams Mod Apk?

You can easily acquire the apk file by visiting our site.


Dice Dream hack apk is an excellent dice game in which the player invests their time and money to become the rightful owner of the entire world. The player has to defeat hostile pirates, other players, and even themselves. The more time you spend playing, the more money you might win. However, you will also lose something – your health bar. Your hit points drop quickly in each skirmish, allowing you to live another round only if you are lucky. If you enjoy dice games, you will enjoy this one. Using this mod apk, you may also gain unlimited movement. We hope that you have a good time with it. All characters and locations in this game are fictional and intended to form a fantasy world that adults and children enjoy.

What's new

  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money



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