How to Install Mod APK with OBB file? Easy Steps Guide

First of all, you have to know that Mod apk is just an application with unlimited resources. The only way to install mod apk is by renaming it as a legit one and then replacing them in the device storage.

It is often difficult to find out which file is the OBB file for each mod apk, especially when there are numerous files in the device storage after installation. Sometimes you will even get errors when trying to install them because they cannot be recognized as a valid application or not.

How to Install Mod APK with OBB file

What is APK?

Apk is a file extension for an Android Package. It contains all the necessary files to run your application on android devices. In simple terms, apk’s are the files that make up an [mobile] [game] [app]. Their purpose is to be installed on your device and allow you to play/use the software provided by the apk. It is a compressed file like zip and rar with an extension .apk

What is Mod APK?

This is an apk that has been modified to do something not originally intended by the people who created the game/software (e.g cheats, unlimited health, etc.)

What is the OBB file and why do we need it?

OBB files, or OBB expansion files, are almost like a second application that will be installed after the first application. It contains extra data that will be used by another application to provide more content for users of the said app. The main difference of obb extension from apk file is that obb file can be of any size while apk can only have a fixed size of a maximum of 50 Mb.

Even though the installation process is laborious, it’s worth it because of the extra stuff you will get by successfully merging both files together. I bet many people will play much more and enjoy it much longer once they get what they wanted after installing it.

But, in order for the obb file to be recognized by your device storage, you must merge them in a specific order starting from obb file then followed by the mod apk. For instance:

[FIFA 20 APK + OBB DATA] .apk

[NBA 2k21 Apk + OBB] .apk

[Friday Night Funkin + OBB] .apk

and so on…

This way you will make sure the OBB file is successfully recognized by your device storage and it will not give you any errors when installing them later on.

How to Install Mod APK with OBB file

Steps to Install Mod APK with OBB file:

  1. First of all, find out which obb file goes with which apk. Go to the link below and find out which file is for you:
  2. Find your device’s local storage path. To do this, go to “Settings” > “Storage”, select “Internal Storage”, tap the “<” icon beside it until a dropdown menu appears, then click on “Open”. In my case, the path is:
  3. Find your OBB file and copy it (do not extract!) to the root folder of your phone’s local storage with the same name as each apk. So, if you want to install <application>-1.apk with OBB file <obb>, make sure you paste them in the root folder of your phone’s local storage and it will be something like this:
  4. Long press on each OBB file and rename them with this syntax: <application>-obb-X.apk where X is the number that goes before the name of the apk or just simply uses “<Number>.obb”. It’s okay as long as it doesn’t conflict with any of your existing apk. For example: renaming <obb> as <application>-obb-1.apk or just simply “<Number>.obb”.
  5. After that, copy the files to the directory “Android/OBB”. If there is no such file yet, make a new one.
  6. Now, find the mod apk you want to install in your device storage and rename it to “X-Android-” or anything that does not conflict with the name of another application already installed on your phone. I recommend using “<Number>.apk” such as “<Number>.com.modaco.android250”.
  7. Finally, copy the mod apk to the directory “Android/OBB” and paste it.
  8. And now you are ready to go! Just run your file manager or any file browser of your choice, navigate to “Android/OBB”, tap on each apk plus OBB files you have copied earlier until one of them works (in my case, “<Number>.apk” works).

Note: for this tutorial you can use both Root Explorer and ES File Explorer.

As far as I know, using FlashFire may cause problems like failing to backup/restore or accessing internal storage (must be mounted RW) errors. But, if you want to try it then simply disable BusyBox, SuperSU, and FlashFire before running it.

Steps to Uninstall Mod APK with OBB files:

  1. First of all, go to the directory “Android/OBB” and remove everything inside (if there is nothing inside, you don’t need to do this step).
  2. Now find your original obb file and rename it to “<application>-obb-” or simply “<application>.obb”. For example, renaming <obb> as “<application>-obb-1.obb”, so later you will be able to merge them again if ever you want to install it back again.
  3. After that, navigate to your phone’s local storage directory and delete “<application>-1.apk” (if you have merged the apk with obb) or “<application>.com.modaco.android250” (if you have used FlashFire).
  4. Finally, make a new directory named “Android/obb”.

Important: If you are using ES File Explorer then it will ask if you want to change the permissions of all files inside. Just select “Keep” and wait until the progress bar completes for every file.

How to Install Mod APK with OBB file? – FAQs

What's the difference between apk+obb file and mod apk?
The only difference is that you cannot directly install mod apk in your android device without renaming it to .apk, but if you want to try them, use FlashFire or make a folder named Android/obb (this may cause problems).
I cannot install Mod apk. My phone keeps on crashing or exiting. What should I do?
Keep trying, you will surely have a successful mod apk installation someday. For me, it took more than 3 hours before I was able to install the first mod apk into my device successfully! Using modded apk for the non-rooted devices is also possible, but make sure you read the instructions first.
Does this method work even if I do not root my phone?
Yes, it does! But make sure you read the instructions first. Otherwise, it might cause problems like failed to backup/restore or accessing internal storage (must be mounted RW) errors.
Is this method works with Bluestacks?
No, it doesn’t. I just tried using the same files in bluestacks and it didn’t work, you can try to reupload them or change them into apks instead of obb if they are only apk+obb, but I’m not sure if that would work.
I have already installed all the mods but when I update my app through the play store it turns to default (original) can I still use this method?
Yes, you can by renaming the original apk to .apk and repeating steps 2-5 above.

Conclusion – How to Install Mod APK with OBB file?

After you have successfully installed the mod apk onto your device, make sure to check if there are other apps from the same developer. It might be a paid app, but using a modded version is better than paying for it right? 🙂

Finally, I hope this tutorial is about How to install Mod apk with OBB file? will be useful for you!

How to Install Mod APK with OBB file? – FAQs

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