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Download Battlelands Royale Mod Apk file for free and Enjoy Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Bucks, and Infinite money for android devices.
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Battlelands Royale Mod APK allows players to build their forts and loot castles but also makes the game difficult by forcing you to carry half of your castle’s weight when you’re carrying gear. This makes the game much more challenging than its original counterpart and requires a different strategy.

Battlelands Royale mod apk

What is Battlelands Royale Mod APK?

The Battlelands Royale is a multiplayer survival shooter where players fight to the death. The game takes place on an island and every player parachutes into it with their gear and supplies then they must scavenge items like weapons and armor to stay alive as long as possible. They can also team up with each other to battle against other groups of people.

About Battlelands Royale Mod APK:

If you’re familiar with Last Day on Earth: Survival or Fortnite, then the concept of this game will be easy for you to understand as it’s very similar. You start as a tiny character (in the actual game) and fight for resources to build better weapons, armor & castles.

The Gameplay of Battlelands Royale Mod APK

Players need to fight as much as possible as they collect resources to build better weapons and armor. They can also take down groups of other players to loot their castles and steal their supplies which will help them in their survival quest.

The game has unique gameplay where the world is very large and it’s made up of hexagons. The map is divided into several zones which are further divided into hexagons. Every time a player dies, they’ll be revived at a special area around the map and can loot their own dead body to get some supplies back.

The Battlelands Royale Mod has come with a lot of new features that add more depth to this game. Some of these features include new items, new survival mechanisms, and dynamic goals for players to accomplish.

  • Battlelands Royale Mod is a game that takes place on an island.
  • Every player parachutes into the island and they must scavenge items like weapons, armor, and tools to stay alive as long as possible.
  • Enemies can be eliminated with firearms at long range or melee weapons at short range.
  • Armor decreases damage from enemies and it must be scavenged from locations on the island.
  • A single-player mode is also available to play where players tend to defend against waves of zombies. New gameplay features include traps and a sprint mechanic that allows players to evade attackers.
Battlelands Royale mod apk

This is a Battlelands Royale Mod APK Game for android, but there are so many other games like this game, check out my article on – FOG Battle Royale Mod APK.

Features of Battlelands Royale Mod APK

  • Buildings now have weights! Fort tiles now weigh 20kg/tile instead of 0kg/tile. To carry the loot around, you will need to build your forts – which means higher walls and more tiles.
  • Loot now has weights! Each weapon/armor type has its weight value (weapons range from 5-35kg; armors range from 7-40kg), so instead of just dropping all of your gear, you might want to be pickier with what you keep.
  • Loot spawns are now different! The loot spawn system has been changed to make the game more challenging by filtering out some of the common, easy to get items (such as wooden planks) while increasing the rarity of special items (such as stone bricks).
  • A new UI/UX system to help you find exactly what gear you want without opening up the full menu – this will let you stay in the game longer!
  • New items, including an iron shovel for digging holes and a backpack for holding more loot.
  • A new zombie type that can sprint after players.
  • New traps! You now can construct bear traps and spike traps, which will be useful for funneling the zombies in a certain direction.
  • And much more! New buildings, new items, and many general improvements to help make the game better than ever before!

Mod features:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Bucks
  • Infinite money for android devices


  • Battlelands Royale Mod requires an internet connection and runs on both Windows and Mac computers. It can be played on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.
  • All APKs are downloaded at the highest bitrate possible to provide the most fluid experience possible.
Battlelands Royale mod apk

What’s new in Battlelands Royale Mod APK

  • New buildings have been added!
  • A new overworld has been added, along with a couple of new items to go with it.
  • The inventory system has been completely rehauled to make finding your desired item more efficient and intuitive.
  • No more digging through the full inventory menu every time you see a piece of loot.
  • Zombies are now faster! They now run after you with headshots.
  • The UI has been rehauled to look cleaner and be more user-friendly.
  • Loot spawns have been tweaked to be fairer – sometimes it’s better to wait than rush into an area as soon as it spawns.

How to Install Battlelands Royale Mod APK?

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the modded Apk file, and make sure your phone is connected to a Wifi network.
  • Start downloading the Battlelands Royale Mod .apk file, then go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources & enable it.
  • Click on Battlelands Royale Mod .apk file on your phone to start the installation.
  • Once installed, you can play the hacked version of Battlelands Royale by simply clicking ‘play.’

Note: If you don’t know How to Install Mod APK with OBB file? Don’t worry we have written a full guide about it. Just click on the link.

How to Use Battlelands Royale Mod?

Start the game, go on the map & loot for resources, build castles and defend them by upgrading your weapons or building new ones. You can also win chests that will help you with better equipment while playing the game! Just like in the original Battlelands Royale, you can also attack other players and loot their castles.

Battlelands Royale Mod APK – FAQs

How to play Battlelands Royale Mod APK?
Download and install the modded apk. If the modded apk is installed, just open the app and it will load with all of your stats/inventory/maps/everything you had before.
How to use guns in Battlelands Royale Mod APK?
Simply tap on the screen once to activate aiming mode then keep tapping on the screen to shoot!
Can I play Battlelands Royale Mod APK on windows?
Yes! You can play Battlelands Royale mod on windows through an android emulator like Nox App Player.
How do you get more food in Battlelands Royale Mod APK?
Food is very hard to find in the game currently, however, there are fishing spots that give you a chance at catching fish that you can eat.
Will Battlelands Royale Mod APK get more updates?
We will keep updating this mod as long as it is playable, so stay tuned for new features.
Why are there ads in the Battlelands Royale Mod Game sometimes?
The game has to connect to our analytics software (for now) to make sure everything runs smoothly like maps/stats/inventory/everything. This is only a one-time connection and you won’t see ads after that!


Well, that is all you need to know about the Battlelands Royale Mod Apk. If you have any other problems or queries or you find any other website with this article; then let us know in the comment section below! So guys without wasting time here are the download link for your android game later like and share it with your friends on social media.

Note: This version of Battlelands Royale has no advertisements or micro-transactions. It is completely free to play and fully unlocked, so enjoy!

Thank you for visiting our website and stay tuned for more articles! You can contact us through comments if you have any queries or questions about Battlelands Royale Mod APK. Thanks again 🙂

Battlelands Royale Mod APK – FAQs

What's new

  • New buildings have been added!
  • A new overworld has been added, along with a couple of new items to go with it.
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Bucks
  • Infinite money for android devices



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